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Trenbolone before and after

Trenbolone Before and After

Glen's Trenbolone Story

Before Glen decided to start taking anabolic steroids, keep to a healthy diet and begin a scheduled workout training program, he lived a sedentary lifestyle and could hardly resist a chance to eat junk food and drink his favorite beer.

Unfortunately, the excessive drinking and poor feeding habits of Glen led to him being overweight and pretty much blobby.

Glen's Trenbolone Experience

One day after a series of trips to the doctor's office for a myriad of health issues (due to his weight problem), it struck Glen that he had to make a decisive change for the better. By a stroke of luck, Glen met up with a bodybuilder friend who introduced him to bodybuilding and the use of  anabolic steroids.

Trenbolone is the anabolic steroid that Glen would eventually stick with as he began his journey into steroid use for bodybuilding. Trenbolone is one of those synthetically produced anabolic steroids that provide users with an extra jolt of testosterone. As a matter of fact, Tren as this drug is commonly referred to, is thrice as potent as naturally produced testosterone. Tren is popular amongst bodybuilders looking to start off either a bulking or cutting cycle. This steroid helps in burning excess fat, building muscle mass and giving users the strength needed to execute their bodybuilding workout program.

In Glen's case, he needed Trenbolone Acetate for a cutting cycle and had decided to run a solo Tren cycle. Though initially Glen struggled with injecting himself with the drug, he would soon get used to it.

Glen's Solo Tren Cycle

It must be mentioned that on the advice of his bodybuilder friend, Glen decided to run a 10 week Trenbolone cycle in addition to a workout program and a strict, well structured dietary regime.

Highlighted below is Glen's 10 week solo Trenbolone cycle:

  • Week 1: 100mg
  • Week 2: 100mg
  • Week 3: 100mg
  • Week 4: 100mg
  • Week 5: 200mg
  • Week 6: 200mg
  • Week 7: 200mg
  • Week 8: 200mg
  • Week 9: 200mg
  • Week 10: 200mg


Glen's Tren Cycle Results

With Trenbolone Acetate surging through his veins, a healthy diet and a well articulated bodybuilding program, Glen would start to see positive results right from the 1st week of using anabolic steroids.


#1: Fat Burning:

From the first week of using Tren, Glen's weight had visibly reduced. He's metabolic rate had increased and he had burnt out a lot of fat in just a short space of time.


#2: Muscle Mass Gain:

Another thing that occurred during the 10 week cycle of anabolic steroids was the increase in muscle mass. Glen noticed that he had gained some biceps. Of course he had kept to his regular workout regime, but Trenbolone is capable of repartitioning fat and converting it to lean muscles.


#3: Improved Stamina:

During the course of using Tren, Glen had experienced a steady improvement in the intensity of his weight and cardio workout training. He had greater strength and endurance levels. Glen steadily spent more time at the gym because he had more stamina than ever before.


After the 10 week Tren cycle had elapsed, Glen's transformation was exceptional. Before the solo Trenbolone cycle, Glen who was 5'9" weighed 202 lbs, but after his first cycle he weighed an amazing 167 lbs.

He also underwent a mandatory post cycle therapy for a duration of 4 weeks. Glen did experience some mild side effects like acne as Trenbolone halts the natural production of testosterone in the body.

However, according to Glen, the results far outweighed the side effects that Glen had experienced during the cycle.