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Can Women Take Trenbolone?

Can Women Take Trenbolone?

Honestly, no!

This isn’t going to stop women from taking it though - in fact, it’s safe to say that when we’re considering the most advanced female physiques on the planet (and by 'most advanced' in this instance we mean the largest), these individuals have more than likely utilised “off-limits” anabolic compounds to achieve this level of musculature.

It’s always going to be down to opinion in regards to whether or not the likely masculinisation of the female body that will occur in the process of enhancing one’s musculature to such extreme levels is worth it, but some side effects of using trenbolone as a female that are going to be universally undesirable are:


  • Deepening of the voice
  • Growth of facial hair
  • Enlargement of the clitoris (irreversible)

Every other aspect is open to interpretation in regards to whether or not it is “acceptable”...the above list however represents several options that will be of benefit to no one whatsoever if they are a female.

The above adverse issues are due to the high level of androgenicity of this compound. This is likely the most potent compound on the planet in this regard actually, and considering that the adverse issues on offer by weaker compounds are difficult to control if you’re a female, this one is going to be akin to unleashing a rampaging tyrannosaurus rex on the inside of your body - and you'll be hoping for the best.

It’s safe to say that females shouldn’t delve into the world of trenbolone. If you’re going to insist on doing so as a female, it’s vital that you consult with your GP in regards to the androgenic control that is available to you and how best to implement it.

In truth though, this protection will almost definitely not be enough to save you from irreversible androgenic issues arising.

What can I take instead as a woman?

Without a doubt, anavar is the closest available alternative for a female user.

It is actually almost “perfect” in regards to the positive benefits it can offer versus the potential for adverse issues arising - which is almost non existent provided you incorporate liver protection.

You’ll achieve a dry appearance whilst enhancing your levels of lean mass in the process - in many ways, anavar is to women what trenbolone is to men...albeit without the side effects.

You should read the separate profile on oxandrolone if you wish to fully discern the benefits on offer whilst using anavar.