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Positive and Side Effects of Trenbolone

Positive and Side Effects of Trenbolone

Trenbolone (similarly to deca) is not designed for one specific purpose, and it can actually be integrated successfully into either a bulking or cutting phase.

It can arguably also be integrated into an athletic framework - but that aspect is slightly more open for debate (as we’ll shortly discuss.)

We’re going to break down the individual scenarios where trenbolone may be integrated and discuss the pluses and minuses involved in using it within such a capacity.

When Integrating Trenbolone Into A Bulking Cycle

Some of the best trenbolone results can actually be achieved during an off-season cycle.

This somewhat goes against the “grain” of the common beliefs held by many bodybuilders / aesthetically minded trainees, but whether or not you agree with this items “usability” as a bulking agent depends entirely on what your personal perception of “bulk” is.

To some people, an off season cycle means slamming on as much size as possible within the most minimal time frame - we’re talking 20-30 lbs of pure mass within anywhere between 6 - 8 weeks.

On paper, this sounds incredible...but when you actually start to break down said “mass” and equate its overall volume to specific percentages in relation to fat FREE mass and water, you might find something like this:

  • 30% lean tissue mass
  • 25% water volume
  • 45% fat

Suddenly, we find that the 20 - 30 lbs of mass gained is actually considerably “dirty” mass. Out of the 30 lbs (hypothetically speaking) we gained on cycle, only 9lbs of it was muscle.

There are going to be certain advantages in regards to strength gains when using hard gaining steroids that provide results of the variety mentioned above, but on the whole - it’s hard to state that the above mass gain would be particularly favorable for a highly disciplined aesthetically minded user.

Of course - there are instances where such an enhancement of size would help. Those with a classically “ectomorphic” or “mesomorphic” body type for instance could no doubt “wear” the extra “fluff” on offer in a cycle like this rather well.

Equally, a novice to intermediate level trainee wouldn’t have developed the enormous musculature of an advanced trainee, therefore they would no doubt find that “harsh” bulking steroids would help to advance their frame at an incredibly fast rate.

For either a “typical” (endomorphic for instance) body, or an incredibly advanced / refined muscular frame though - “dry” gaining is without doubt the way forward.

We say “dry” gaining, because the addition of a surplus level of fat and water is known as “wet” gaining.

“Wet” gain steroids include the likes of anadrol and dianabol, whereas “dry” gainers comprise of items like trenbolone, anavar and to an extent deca (though this substance is somewhat unique as can be observed when analysing its individual profile.)

The reason why dry gaining makes more sense for the average body type (one that is neither particularly lean by nature nor muscular) is that they can progressively develop lean and sustainable muscle using these products without having to worry about extra baggage.

Unfortunately, most people simply can’t “wear” extra fat and water particularly well. You might weigh more on the scales when using the likes of anadrol if you fall into this category, but it’s going to come at the cost of some serious “bloat” and “puffiness.”

What many people fail to realize when bulking either on or off steroids is that yes; you do have to gain a little extra body fat to grow (unless you’re a genetic freak, and annoyingly these people do exist!) but that doesn’t mean that you have to GET fat.

Growth really is all about a calorie surplus. It can be as little as 200 extra calories per week in the case of an endomorph or as much as 2,000 for an ectomorph (and somewhere in between for a mesomorph.)

The point is - this surplus needs to be monitored and controlled effectively. It doesn't matter whether or not you’re using an anabolic steroid, you can effectively gain lean tissue whilst keeping fat gains to a minimal level.

When taking steroids (like trenbolone) you can accelerate your protein synthesis and develop more tissue than one would ever be able to create through normal means, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t eat “successfully.”

It’s crucial that you only eat as much as is necessary to gain muscle - this doesn’t necessarily involve overeating to excess though as some believe.

As such, you can advance your physique when integrating trenbolone in a high quality capacity as opposed to simply getting “bigger.” There is an enormous difference between getting “bigger” and growing muscle after all.

When trenbolone is used as part of a bulking phase it will:

  • Lead to high-quality fat free mass gains as a result of its high level of anabolism (provided your nutrition is in check)
  • Advance your strength levels (due to a high level of androgenism)
  • Keep your body fat levels in check (due to its enhancement of the metabolism)
  • Ensure that your visibility is still at a high level despite you taking in excess calories as a result of its anti estrogenic nature

As a result, it’s going to be the perfect choice for the “mature” gainer, or for someone who’s frame simply isn’t compatible with an excess addition of water and fat.

It’s worth noting that those of a high aesthetic calibre are going to have developed their frame to a fairly maximal extent already. As such, “wasted” mass is going to be of little benefit to them.

Individuals of this standard (IFBB professional bodybuilders for example) will no doubt find that they can easily attain the percentile increases in mass they need year after year without placing any “wasteful” elements onto their frame.

Some milder “wet” gainers will suit their needs optimally, but on the whole the stronger ones will simply ensure that they have more work to do during their cutting phase.

Using a dry gainer like trenbolone will ensure that they can keep their body fat levels low whilst still gaining the necessary levels of mass they need to advance their physique.

You’re going to have a more progressive development of lean mass with any of the trenbolone variants, but what you’ll get will be nothing but high quality lean tissue.

For many people - that’s all they could ever ask for.

When Integrating Trenbolone Into A Cutting Cycle

It’s during a cutting phase that many deem trenbolone to be at its absolute best, and it’s fairly easy to see and understand why.

The primary aims of a cutting phase are to:

  • Maintain existing muscle tissue gained during the off-season
  • Protect strength levels (there are numerous reasons why including but not limited to strength being crucial for applying the necessary stimulus to maintain muscle mass)
  • Reduce body fat levels
  • Enhance muscular visibility through the reduction of water / enhanced dryness

Similarly to a bulking cycle, you’ll find that all of trenbolones positive characteristics tie in perfectly with a cutting phase, arguably to an even greater extent.

In contrast to a bulk though; absolutely anybody of any mindset is going to find the effects of a trenbolone cycle to be positive during a cut, whereas only those with a certain “approach” to bulking will appreciate this compound within an off-season capacity.

This is one of the few steroids that can actually be used on its own for cutting purposes, as it leads to all of the above mentioned positive traits manifesting to a respectable degree.

The anti estrogenic properties on offer mean that trenbolone “dries” the body out as a result of there being no subcutaneous water (a common estrogenic trait.)

It also serves to protect lean tissue levels (and if you’re lucky, actually advance them further) due to its high level of anabolism, and its androgenic properties are perfect for promoting further dryness / cementing existing strength levels in place.

It’s enhancement of metabolic output in conjunction with its sustenance of lean tissue is also what leads to it having a positive effect on fat burning. All in all, it’s a near perfect agent for cutting with.

As ever, anything that seems “perfect” on the surface needs to be analyzed efficiently in order to discern where its flaws may lie. In this case, it’s the risk of side effects arising - which is genuinely quite high.

As previously stated, this is why a novice should never use trenbolone. Considering the likes of anavar, winstrol and even deca can provide decent “dry” results during a cut - which compound ultimately gets chosen is always going to be about personal preference.

It’s perhaps safe to say that trenbolone (all varieties) is quite possibly the most prominent of all cutting steroids, therefore its inclusion as part of an advanced cycle could arguably be considered a must.

When combined with other substances (fat burners / masteron for instance) that are designed to optimize certain facets of a cut (i.e fat burning and further “evolved” dryness) you’ll find that trenbolone becomes somewhat unstoppable in regards to delivering the most optimal / highly visual results for those with low body fat percentages.

When Integrating Trenbolone Into An Athletic Framework

When it comes to athletic enhancement, the goal posts change somewhat in regards to what kind of results a user may expect to attain from a steroid.

Typically speaking, all of the goals that an aesthetically minded user would value are going to serve as fairly large contraindications to a performance athlete.

There are several reasons why, including but not limited to:

  • Athletes do not generally want their physical appearance to change by a noticeable degree
  • Athletes do not want to negatively impact their mobility
  • Athletes do not generally want to have any effect on their current body weight
  • Athletes do not want to have a negative impact on their ability to recover (which can be tricky in regards to joint issues when taking certain compounds)
  • Athletes do not want to have a negative impact on their ability to sustain energy levels
  • Athletes do not want their cardiovascular functionality to diminish

The above elements are going to be incredibly hard to avoid when taking many anabolic steroids, save for a few select options that are arguably “optimised” to enhance athletic performance.

Amongst this “elite” group of optimised steroids you’ll find the likes of turinabol, growth hormone (which can be used to help achieve pretty much any goal), anavar and deca.

These options are great for providing a sound foundation for achieving everything from the sustenance of existing muscle mass to enhanced cardiovascular output, enhanced strength output and advanced recovery. Some of which will provide a combination of all of the above.

With the above list of athletic “needs” in mind, where does trenbolone fit into an athletic structure, if at all?

Let’s first consider some of its primary positive benefits in this regard, which are:

  • Lean tissue sustenance
  • Enhanced strength output
  • Enhanced energy levels as a result of advanced androgenism
  • Enhanced recovery due to a spike in testosterone and therefore in IGF 1 release

There are seemingly many positive elements to work with here. But are they enough to counteract any potential adverse issues?

Let’s now consider the “bad” parts of trenbolone integration, which in this instance would be:

  • The body may dry out to the extent that the user's mobility decreases
  • The user's lean tissue levels may actually advance to a noticeable extent, thus making detection easier
  • The user's vascularity / hardness may increase dramatically, thus making detection much easier
  • A high level of androgenism may make maintaining a “level” mood difficult, thus again making detection fairly easy when compared to the user's normal state
  • Trenbolone has been known to lead to breathing difficulties - this would negatively impact performance to a potentially catastrophic extent

On the whole, whilst there are many positive benefits for an athlete to integrate and enjoy, they come with a potentially high risk of more negatives being on the cards.

The question is - should you use trenbolone as an athlete?

In answer to this question, the only sensible statement to make is that it would depend entirely on the setting you were competing as part of.

If you were taking part in regular tests at a professional level, then it would only make sense to stay well clear of this substance. Its effects would simply be too noticeable and potentially detrimental.

If you were taking part in untested amateur athletics however, it would be fair to say that this steroid might provide you with some positive benefits; primarily in the form of advanced strength output.

Other than these positive traits, there are definitely other compounds out there that are better suited to athleticism on the whole.

Where we can make a notable exception is in the world of unregulated strength competitions and even mixed martial arts, whereas the maintenance of a certain body weight in conjunction with an enhanced strength capacity could prove to be exceptionally beneficial.

The above scenarios would likely be the only time where using this product within an athletic framework would be truly reasonable - trenbolone transformations are always going to be at their best within an aesthetic setting.

What Is The “Tren Cough” And How Can I Counteract It?

Tren cough is a random coughing fit that one may experience whilst using trenbolone, especially the acetate variant. Trenbolone itself is a highly potent compound that serves as an irritant to everything from the human tongue to meat.

To explain it as simply as possible, it is very strong - as a result, it can make the molecular components of many of the things it comes into contact with react adversely. It is theorized that during the injection process (and especially in higher dosage quantities) some of the “pure” oil actually goes directly into either one of the user's blood vessels or manages to enter the lymphatic system.

As a result, the vessel or attached lymph nodes respectively “withdraw” from the compound, thus leading to congestion and the manifestation of a harsh cough. As a pre-warning - those who have experienced this cough say it can last up to 90 seconds (though it is typically nearer 30) and is of a very potent nature.

Some have even questioned their own mortality, wondering if the cough poses some kind of life threatening danger. Please note that whilst it is particularly harsh, it is not damaging in any capacity. If you were to ingest an excess amount of pepper for instance, you would be faced with an adverse reaction in a similar fashion.

What Is A “Tren Sandwich”?

The affectionately named “tren sandwich” is simply a tactic some employ in order to theoretically get the most out of their trenbolone whilst following a cutting (or even bulking) cycle.

It involves using trenbolone acetate for a period of four weeks to help establish a powerful lean tissue basis, before then using another product to further develop this foundation, followed by another four week tren cycle to help “evolve” the body again in terms of dryness and lean mass before bringing the anabolic usage period to a complete end.

In theory, this tactic does make sense and would appear to be useful, but how well does it actually work in practice?

Realistically, breaking the usage of any substance for an extended duration means that you’re never fully able to optimize the results it has to offer.

It’s true enough that tren acetate means you’ll be getting the most optimal tren “release” possible with every injection, but the more refined elements of its functionality will be sorely missed when the usage period breaks.

It would perhaps be better to run half a cycle with trenbolone, followed by half a cycle with a weaker cutting agent, but one that will offer its own unique merits whilst maintaining the work trenbolone has started (like winstrol, for example.)

When bulking, it would likely prove more effective to use a strong lean mass gainer like dianabol before, then following this up with some trenbolone integration to capitalize on visibility and lean mass potential.

This isn’t to say that a “tren sandwich” wouldn’t be of any benefit at’s just largely indiscernible in regards to what this benefit would truly be, and how significant its impact would actually be on the user when compared to the above mentioned tactics.