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Post Cycle Therapy

Post Cycle Therapy

Over the course of this section we’ll show you how to effectively structure a post cycle therapy window so that you can effectively restore your natural hormone levels.

It’s simply an unfortunate but necessary evil that your organic output will diminish somewhat when using any anabolic steroid. Sadly 19-Nor compounds can be particularly harsh in this aspect. With this in mind, you have a variety of options available to utilize for effective “treatment” when weaning yourself off trenbolone. We’re going to show you how to integrate three of the most popular so that you can get your levels back up to normal within a minimal timeframe.

Please note that those who do not integrate any post cycle therapy whatsoever will find that it takes anywhere up to a year for their organic hormone levels to restore. This is obviously a catastrophic end result, hence why post cycle therapy is so crucial. It’s also worth noting that a diminished level of testosterone following your steroid use will make it harder to sustain your lean mass.

For both aesthetic and vitality reasons - you simply must perform effective PCT.

When planning to use Nolvadex during PCT

If you’re planning to use nolvadex following an intermediate - harsh cycle then you’ll need to take it in doses of:

130 mg per day
220 mg per day
310 mg per day
410 mg per day

If you’re planning to use nolvadex following a fairly mild cycle, then you’ll need to integrate it as follows:

120 mg per day
220 mg per day
310 mg per day
410 mg per day

When planning to use Clomid during PCT

If you’re planning to use clomid for PCT purposes following a beginner / mild level cycle, then you’ll need to adhere to the following intake:

150 mg per day
250 mg per day
325 mg per day
425 mg per day

When implementing clomid into a PCT phase following an intermediate / advanced cycle it should be integrated as follows:

175 mg per day
250 mg per day
350 mg per day
425 mg per day

For those who wish to integrate HCG / Pregnyl

HCG is another popular post cycle option. Those who wish to use it should finish their HCG mini cycle in full before then going onto use either of the two options outlined above. There are two primary means of integrating pregnyl, which are as follows:

Intermittent Use: For those who wish to administer pregnyl intermittently, they may do so as follows:

13,500 I.U. every 3 - 4 days
22,500 I.U. every 3 - 4 days
31,500 I.U. every 3 - 4 days

Continuous Use: Or you may wish to administer in a continuous fashion over a 10 day period as outlined below.

11,000 I.U. per day
2750 I.U. per day
3500 I.U. per day

When should I start PCT?

When you start your PCT phase is just as important as performing the phase itself. If your time it wrong - you’ll still have some of the active steroid compound used throughout your cycle in your system - meaning it’ll interfere with the restoration of your organic levels.

In order to ensure that this isn’t the case, please adhere to the following guidelines (specifically in regards to trenbolone usage):

  • Start PCT 3 - 4 days after finishing a “short” ester cycle (for example, after using trenbolone acetate)
  • Start PCT 14 days after finishing a “long” ester cycle (for example, after using parabolan or trenbolone enanthate)

Do not start either cycle until you have finished your pregnyl / HCG cycle if and only if you plan to introduce one into your post cycle phase.

In this instance, your HCG cycle would begin in accordance with the above guidelines, followed immediately by the use of clomid or nolvadex in the manner previously outlined.

Why do I need to take arimidex / letrozole if trenbolone doesn’t aromatize?

Due to the inclusion of testosterone in your cycle (though it is at a minimal level), you do run the risk of facing adverse estrogenic issues.

This really only explains the presence of aromasin however, and does not particularly provide us with an adequate explanation in regards to the inclusion of letrozole.

Letrozole is actually included because of the risk of gynecomastia arising. If you’re a little confused at this point, don’t worry: it’s to be expected. Medical science is probably about as confused as you are about this one too.

For some reason, progesterone (possibly because of the manner in which it “excites” other sex hormones) can actually lead to the development of gynecomastia. Being that trenbolone is a powerful progestin, one of the unfortunate side effects experienced by some users whilst taking trenbolone is the manifestation of this condition.

As such, letrozole is needed as a “standby” agent in case you should encounter any fruition of the physical effects of this incredibly irritating condition. It’s highly unlikely that you will actually need to use this powerful AI (Aromatase Inhibitor), but you’ll definitely need to have it on hand just in case.

We’ll outline how to integrate it into your trenbolone cycle in the upcoming Post Cycle Therapy section (as part of the overall trenbolone cycles section.)